10 Awesome Campsites Near Your Favourite City

  • 14th Aug 2019
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  • by Camp Monk

Whether it’s a long weekend or not we’re always finding reasons to hit up the outdoors. Whether it is to hike up a mountain or stand in awe of the hills or be calmed by blue waters — it is inherent in us to crave nature. We’ve listed a bunch of our favourite campsites that have something for everyone and only a couple of hours away from Bangalore, Pune or Mumbai.

Luxury camps around Bangalore

Vishaal farm camp, Tumkur

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A mere 2 hours drive from Bangalore with transport you this beautiful campsite, surrounded by temples and history near rocky hills called Devarayanadurga. This place is famous for trekking, wonderful climate and scenery. Things to do around:Located at DRD means that you have access to some epic lakes, hikes and trails. We are located at the foot hills of this majestic view of DRD and offer a guided trek to the top of the hill which usually takes about 4 hours to return from. A shorter hike route is also available and is a nice way to soak in the sunset. So get your hiking shoes, running kit, MTB's or your adventure bikes because there's quite a bit to do around. Go explore!

Location: Devarayanadurga., Karnataka

Distance: 2.5 hours

Things you could do: | Trekking | Watch a beautiful sunset chilling next to a pond

Alphonso by the Lake Farm , Nachikuppam

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Wander about while you camp at this 60 acre of mango farm surrounded by hills, a lake and the dense woods. Here is where you would be spoiled for options. You could try your hand at farming or even build a raft and cross the lake if that’s the kind of adventure that interests you.

Location: Nachikuppam, Tamil Nadu

Distance: 2.5 hours

Things you could do: Camping | Trekking | Watch a beautiful sunset chilling next to a pond

Savandurga Foothill Camp

Our camp is a four-acre farm nestled in the foothills of Savandurga - one of the largest monolith hills in Asia.

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The camp offers you spectacular views of the rugged and untamed landscape and is the perfect escape for those looking for an amazing experience and to get up close and intimate with nature.We offer  African style tented accommodation that blends into the natural beauty of its breathtaking surroundings. The tents have been designed to exert minimal impact on the environment.

Location : Savandurga, Karnataka

Distance : 1.5 hours

Things you could do : Luxury Camping | Trek to Savandurga | Play football

Outback Campground

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The Outback Campground is Bangalore’s best and closest nature escape. Set in surroundings straight out of a storybook and nestled at the periphery of the Bannerghatta National Park.The park is also a birdwatchers paradise, with over 150 species of bird, including the yellow-throated bulbul and rufous-bellied eagle. It’s hard to believe that it’s a mere 35 km from the heart of the city.

Location : Near Bangalore

Distance : 1.5 hours

Things you could do : Luxury Camping | Bird watching |  Fishing | Trekking | Wildlife watching | Photography

Budget friendly campsites

Big lake campground

Feel the earth, listen in on zephyr discourse. No walls to shade the breaking orange horizon, just you and the stars above. The best way to experience the outdoors camping near Bangalore!The first one in the series, this campsite located in a quaint lil’ town in Sathnur (66km from Bangalore) is on a farmland that fancies its backyard open to a lake a few acres away. The jamun, neem, jacaranda, cassia and a variety of ficus and fruiting trees super-abound and host myriad species of birds like the blue-faced malkohas, rufous treepies, honey buzzards, barbets and sunbirds. We have critters of all kinds, and we love them all.

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Location : Kanakpura, Bangalore

Distance : 2 hours

Things you could do : Camping | Trekking | Play in the lake | Drive to a Sanctuary

Campers Paradise , Kerekaadu

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Most times you hear of a paradise you’re thinking of a remote location far away from the bustle of the city. Campers Paradise busts that myth! A lush green natural space with blue backwaters, just an hours drive from Bangalore, makes it a perfect weekend getaway! The backwaters stretches for more than 4 kms and is surrounded by dense forest full of wildlife. The huge single rock formation of "Savandurga Hill" at the backdrop adds to the beauty.

Location : Ramanagara, Bangalore

Distance : 2 hours

Things you could do : Camping | Kayaking | Play in the lake | Stargazing

Adventure activities camps for Groups

Adventure hills camp , Ramanagara

SRS Hills at Ramanagara (Mid way between the road connecting Ramanagara and Kanakapura) is a much sought after destination by rock climbing enthusiasts. The hill here is packed with hard granite boulders of varying shapes and sizes making it a challenging adventure. Just 12 kilometres away from Ramanagara, adventure in Bangalore hasn't been closer with the SRS hills, which is popular for trekking, Kayaking in lake next to the hill, Rappelling and many more..Picturesque background, fascinating view of Averahalli Lake or Kelagondanahalli Lake and the perfect blend of adventure, wilderness and tranquility makes this campsite an ideal destination for day outings and night camping.

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Location : Ramanagara, Bangalore

Distance : 2 hours

Things you could do : Camping | Kayaking | Ziplinig  | Rain Dance | Trekking to a Cave

Camp Area 83

If you are one who embraces adventure and prefers being outdoors, Camp Area 83 has you covered. We offer you camping amidst greenery and tranquility.We're a mere 15 kms from Koramangala but a world away from the traffic. Our campground set in the Bannerghatta area beside a beautiful lake with plenty of activities to keep you entertained.

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Location : Bannerghatta, Bangalore

Distance : 2 hours

Things you could do : Camping | Cottage Stay |  Kayaking | Human Foosball | Bubble Soccer | Fun activities

Camps Around Mumbai and Pune

Camp Karnala

Karnala campground is located 1.5 hrs from Mumbai, in close proximity to Karnala fort & Karnala bird sanctuary. This campground is surrounded by endless palm trees & greenery. There's a private waterfall flowing within the premises, it lasts for about 3 months during monsoon season. It as one of our most kid friendly locations. There are water sprinklers on the lawn, both kids & adults can enjoy. There are hammocks for our campers to relax & spend their lazy evenings stargazing. Pottery making sessions can be conducted for kids at an additional cost.

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Location : Karnala, Maharashtra

Distance : 1.5 hours

Things you could do : Camping | Hammocks |  Kayaking | Boating and Pottery Sessions

Forest Campground Tala

Camping doesn’t have to be all about roughing it. Our campground is fitted at the highest point on our property and is spread over 2.5 acres. When it comes to camping with us we have the upper hand in having a beautiful location you can wake up to. Right from sleeping in fairy lit tents, having meals made with fresh produce grown at our farm, enjoying music and BBQ to watching movie under the stars cuddled up with your loved one or just in your sleeping bag.

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Location : Tala, Maharashtra

Distance : 2 hours

Things you could do : Kayaking | Horse Riding | ATV Bike Ride | Massage Therapy | Swimming | Archery | Rifle Shooting .

Andhra Lake Camp, Kambre

This campsite is located in the village of Kambre, off the old Mumbai-Pune highway and offers a unique wilderness experience within reach for both the metropolises. The campus is situated on the banks of Andhra Lake and offers an expansive view of the lake and waterfalls from the rocky ridge. The backdrop of dense forest offers it an additional element of intrigue. The camp is close to Lonavala, Pune & Mumbai.

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Location : Kambre, Maharashtra

Distance : 2 hours from Pune

Things you could do : Rock-Climbing | Rapelling |Archery | Rifle Shooting | Ropes Course |Trek to Caves

But if you are looking to take a longer trip and don’t mind punching in a few more hours of travel, then here is where you can find options.

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