10 reasons to spend your New Year Weekend at a campsite

  • 22nd Nov 2018
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  • by Camp Monk

What are you doing for the New Years weekend? It’s a great time to dial down 2018 and prepare to take on 2019 with gusto. If that appeals to you, we have a bunch of “Dial Down” camping experiences that you can choose from at our favorite campsites.

Think campfires, live music, grilling your BBQ and basking under the majestic night sky. We’ve got campfire musicians to give you a dose of sing-a-long live music.  If that’s not reason enough here’s some more reasons this New Year 2018 to ditch the city for the great wide open.

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1. You can escape to reflect: Did you achieve all that you had hoped for? Take the opportunity to relax, away from the day-to-day, and pat yourself on the back for all your triumphs of 2018 – however big or small they might be. An end of year review is a great way to set yourself up for the new year.

2. Make plans for the coming year: Decide what you want for the coming year and make SMART goals – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-specific. Then have a glass of beer and put your feet up. Job done!

3. Start on your resolutions: If getting fit is on your resolution list, then you’re perfectly poised to kick start the the year with exercising the outdoors. it’s better than rashly tying yourself into monthly gym membership that could lose its appeal before January is out.

4. Spend time with family and friends: How many buds of yours have transitioned into being Whatsapp friends only? Take this time to reconnect with them without the distraction of technology. Who knows, catching up at a camp may become a habit J

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5. Reconnect with nature: How many of us in the city actually get the time to look up at the night sky? Or some quiet time in greenery? Forests are natural, healthy places, where your spirit is enriched. There is a growing body of evidence supporting the therapeutic value of spending time in a forest. The Japanese call it Shinrin Yoku – Forest Bathing, and we can’t think of a better description. Start your new year healthy in spirit and the rest will follow.

6. A party in the woods: Who says you can’t have a party in the woods? Strum your guitar, sing-along to some sweet tunes or do a karaoke jam with your buds. And don’t worry if you don’t sound like Adele, the forest will forgive you.

7. Do whatever you fancy: Go hike, run, swim, get lost or do nothing. Nature has enough for you to do or not. The latter is a test of human endurance though, doing nothing is far harder than you think.

8. Clean air and you be-lung together! Take some time off from the pollution of the city, don’t worry it will still be there when you return. Spend a little time in the outdoors giving your lungs a much needed “breather”

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9. Keep it simple: Camping is a great way to simplify our lives. We get caught up in the race of consumption – information, things and tech. Take a step back and discover the adage “all the best things in life are free”

10. A cosy campfire: Hang with the original idiot box, before the screens came the faithful campfire was the social glue and entertainment station. Cosy up on a winter night with your favorite people around the warm glow of a campfire.

Incase you’ve already made plans then look ahead and book these awesome camps during the course of the next year.

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