5 Amazing Camping Getaways this Romantic February

  • 4th Feb 2019
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  • by Camp Monk

The month of love is here and we bet you're thinking of ways to wow your significant other. If you’ve been looking to plan something out of the ordinary that will earn you some brownie points , here is a compelling list of camping and outdoor activities that is sure to excite them.

1. Pindrop Mystery Camp - An Outdoor Valentine Gift Nearby Bangalore

So you don't have leaves to take an extended vacation, we get it. Explore a campsite near Bangalore so you can getaway for a bit and be back to the city before the work week starts.  Pindrop Mystery Camp is designed as a short weekend vacay for first time campers. Surprise your partner with a mystery camping experience this Valentine weekend . "A romantic dinner with live music around a cosy campfire" sounds wonderful, doesn't it? Pindrop is curated for people who'd like to connect to nature. Come over for a weekend of a little bit of mystery and a lot of fun.

Book here for your slot -

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2. Riverside Camping in midst of Coorg's beauty

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Our property is an adventure camp in Coorg and not a resort or a homestay, it's jungle living at its best. We are located beside Kakkabe river and down the highest peak of Coorg, beautiful verdant hills surround our campsite with mesmerising views.

Get ready to set yourself free at the base of the mighty Coorg mountains , sit next to a river and stargaze the night and hear amazing sounds of the forest, river and birds in the morning.

Book here -

3. Infinity pool experience overlooking Wayanad forests

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Situated atop a hill in the beautiful, rustic and serene village of Valad, Wayanad the Jungle Edge Resort campsite gives you a breathtaking view of the Wayanad forest and hills. Are you not bored of those swimming pool's surrounded by walls ? How about we place those walls with mountains and clouds. Jungle edge has an amazing infinity pool overlooking the beautiful shola forests of Valat , Wayanad. Gather along your family and explore the unexplored region of the Wayanad .

Chill out by the pool along with some amazing Kerala cuisine to replace your city taste buds.

Let's do some jungle camping here - Jungle Edge Wayanad

4. Stargazing in midst of 100 acre paddy field in Sakleshpur

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Experience camping in Sakleshpur on a 100 acre paddy field located a couple of minutes away with the mighty Hemavati river. Camp under the stars with an uninterrupted view of the horizon. There's much to do around our campsite but it's also perfect for lazy do-nothing weekend. Come let us show you some old school Sakleshpur hospitality

Explore the camp here

5. Kayaking in a serene paradise near Ramanagara

Most times you hear of a paradise you’re thinking of a remote location far away from the bustle of the city.

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Campers Paradise busts that myth! A lush green natural space with blue backwaters, just an hours drive from Bangalore, makes it a perfect weekend getaway! The backwaters stretches for more than 4 kms and is surrounded by dense forest full of wildlife. The huge single rock formation of "Savandurga Hill" at the backdrop adds to the beauty.

You can explore kayaking adventures, go hiking around the area or do nothing and be mesmerised by the beautiful views of the lake. Book Campers Paradise here

If you have not found what you're looking for click here to find your perfect campsite based on your needs.

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