5 Amazing New year Campouts with Family and Pets

  • 27th Nov 2019
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Spend your New Year's 2020 camping in nature and welcome a new decade at our gorgeous campsites around Bangalore, Coorg, Kodaikanal, Mumbai and plenty more locations. Whether you’d like to hang close to home or head further away we have you sorted. We bring you New Year camping experiences that will suit every camper!

Camping around Bangalore

Dial down at Devrayanadurga , Bangalore

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A two-hour drive from Bangalore transports you into a beautiful campsite with lush green meadows. Surrounded by the mesmerizing DRD hills, the weather is cool during the day and chilly at night, the views are magical all the time. This campsite is a full service camp with army tents housed under a tiled shack, clean restrooms and staff to help you with basic comforts and food is provided.

Highlights:Sit around the campfire | Fun Hike | BBQ| Stargaze the night away | Swiss Tents | Full serviced Camp |Pet Friendly | Family Friendly.

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Dial down at Mango Farm Camp Nachikuppam , Bangalore

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The Mango Lake Camp: Near Bangalore With 60 acres of mango farms, the hills around, a lake and the woods, there’s so much to do around this camp. Nestled on the foothills of Nachikuppam and immersed in greenery you will feel like you’re transported to another world. Hang in one of the hammocks, or hike to one of the gold mines nearby. This campsite is a full service camp with Army tents housed under a tiled shack, clean restrooms and staff to help you with basic comforts and food is provided.

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Camping around Coorg

New year Camping at Balyabane Coorg

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Located in remote country side of South Coorg ,this nature camp is nestled at the foothills of the Brahmagiri range.The campground is  surrounded by coffee estates & western ghats. The campground is an open grassy meadow with sweeping views of the horizon.  The camp is located amidst 50 acres of private property and constructed with locally sourced materials. We can accommodate up to 25 people suitable for family and friends.We have a large dining area where we serve the authentic Kodava Cuisine and a chill zone for some evening bonfire and traditional barbecuing. There is also local temple, private lake and river adjacent to the campsite.

Highlights:Off-grid Campsite | Sit around the campfire and listen to some good tunes | Visit Brahmagiri Forest Reserve  | Stargaze the night away

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Camping around Kodaikanal

Plant 3 trees this New year's camping at Misty Mountain Hop

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Start the New Year’s 2020 by planting 3 trees at TheMistyMountainHop. You will also get a basket of the first crop of fruits from these trees when it happens. Come join us on a series of campfire stories, wood-fired meals, open sky sips, birding, camping, waterfall baths, new & old-forest walking and tree planting, for New Year’s eve at TheMistyMountainHop.

  • Tree Planting - each participant will plant 3 trees
  • Campfire Dinners & Stories
  • Open Sky Evening Drinks
  • Birding
  • Camping
  • Waterfall Bathing
  • Forest Walking

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Camping around Mumbai

New year camping at Camp Karnala

Spend your New Year's 2020 and welcome a new decade surrounded by nature with us at our gorgeous campsites around Mumbai and Pune.

About the Camp

Located just 1.5 hours from Mumbai, Camp Karnala is a lush green location flanked by palm trees & mountains on all sides. With huge green lawn, water sprinklers, and a lake at 10 min drive, this location is apt for nature lovers.One can opt for short walks around the property or you can hike up the Karnala Fort. The hosts will also be happy to take you for a night trail after dinner which is a good refresher for us city slickers!. The place is surrounded by different trees mainly palm trees and has got a maneuvered lawn where kids can run around freely. Karnala bird sanctuary is a major attraction especially for the kids at the Karnala Campground. We plan to camp & jam over some good music, tasty BBQ food, breakfast & an amazing camping experience to bring in the new year. Go for a morning trek to see the first sunrise of 2020, or wake up to the chirpy birds welcoming you to the new year, sleep under an open sky & enjoy the hammock life!

Highlights:Sit around the campfire |  Live music | BBQ | Trail walks in Nature |  Hike up Karnala Fort |  Stargaze the night away |  Pet Friendly | Family Friendly | Kid Friendly | Swimming | Board Games |Kayaking

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