5 Campsites for the Long Weekend

  • 28th Sep 2017
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  • by Camp Monk
Spend long hours at these campsites during your weekends away from the city.
Pack your bags and get going!

Kodai Mountain Camp

Approx. 5hrs from Bangalore
Explore the forest mountains, watch wild animals and enjoy camping at this extraordinary campsite that is set in six acres of forest and forms an excellent base for trekking to various rivers and waterfalls. Find out more

Camp Exalt

Approx. 7.5hrs from Bangalore
Nestled along the banks of the Kali River that flows through Dandeli forest, this campsite is a 200 acre private forest. Camp in the woods or by the river, there is plenty of wildlife to keep you on your toes. Find out more

Kakkabe River Camp

Approx. 5.5hrs from Bangalore
Located beside Kakkabe river, this campsite is adjacent the highest peak in Coorg. Soak up the river-based adventure activities like white-water rafting, kayaking etc while you enjoy the serenity of the hills around. Find out more

Yercaud Heights

Approx. 4hrs from Bangalore
Nestled in an estate at a height of 5100ft within plantations and orchards of orange trees, this campsite allows for exciting adventure activities like off roading, climbing etc midst the boundless energy of nature. Find out more


Camp On The Clouds

Approx. 9.5hrs from Bangalore
Up in the hills this campsite provides a sweeping views of the mountain valley and Anayirangal dam. Especially famous for its early mornings when the mist settles in the valley to form the most captivating view of the clouds. Find out more


Go on over to the wild side!

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