• 29th Nov 2017
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  • by Camp Monk
Isn’t it strange that every time you think of New Year celebrations with your friends and family you only find options that are designed around the places you secretly wish to not be around? Do these sound familiar to you?

1. If you are sick of the constant input of noise and pollution that overwhelms you in the city; and if the maddening traffic hinders you from being at the places you wish to be.

2. If you are looking to recourse and realign the facets of your mental health, work and personal life but never seem to find the mind space to fully realise it. There is no better place to do it in better than nature.

3. If you are a conversational person and loud parties drown your voice, sit around the campfire and indulge in meaningful conversations with your loved ones to depths you desire.

4. If you are a large family that ends up spending insane amounts of money at parties and would like something that brings you closer to each other. You won’t even have to leave your pets behind!

5. If you’re tired of the concrete skylines and would like to see the horizon and upwards lit up with stars against the light hue of the campfire. 

‘Dial Down’ is a set of carefully curated New Year Camping experiences put together along with some of our passionate Camplords and designed specifically to bring together a community of individuals, families and friends.

We have handpicked six Camplords as passionate about camping as you and us. We have chosen campsites based on your need to be in the wild, from jungles–to the rivers–to the mountains. We have something covered for all of you, with an assurance of the famous Campmonk experience in every single one of them.

Early bird tickets are out now. If you are looking to camp with a big group of family/friends/colleagues, call us on+91 9590495495 or mail us on to work out exclusive New Year Camping experiences with discounts.

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