7 tips for packing your 4WD for a camping trip

  • 20th May 2019
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  • by Rebecca
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A camping trip in your very own four-wheel drive sounds like the right kind of excitement. Weekend drive with your friends and family can be super fun provided you pack right and carry all necessary equipment. Well, superficially packing may seem like an unimportant job, but trust us when we say the way you've packed things and sorted out luggage can affect your trip a great deal. We have all felt the struggle of how to pack a car. What to include and what not to? Nobody wants to go through the frustration of rummaging through the whole car for a flashlight or keys when really in need and not finding them on time.

Don't worry as we got you covered.

Below are 7 tips for packing your 4WD for a camping trip.

1. Preplan, prepare prior to packing

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Planning ahead on what you wish to take along for your trip is the foremost step. First up, you could start by removing all the items already in your car. Once your 4WD is completely empty spread out all the items you want to carry along. Assess the space you have in your four-wheel. Now take into consideration what everyone wants to pack. Ensure everyone has put down every necessity to prevent later mishaps. Adding even a single new item later may lead in restarting the whole packing procedures. To make things more simple and organized list down everything on a spreadsheet.

The key is to never ignore planning as it is as significant as the process of packing itself. Don't let the "just in case", attitude drive you towards overpacking.

Follow the KISS: Keep it simple silly,  rule and pack only essential items. Lighter load implies better road performance, less strain on the vehicle, better economy and fewer possibilities of breakdowns and flat tires during your overlanding trip.

2. Begin with a Strong foundation

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A good foundation is mandatory for a building to sustain. Similarly, an efficient foundation based packing is inevitable for enhancing your camping experience.

Don't let words like foundation scare you. All you need to do is place bulkier and larger items at the bottom on their flat sides, thereby creating a base and support for the lighter and delicate items to go on top. This prevents your belongings from falling off.

3. Permit gaps as you pack

This may seem like an absurd advise, but try it out for yourself and you'll be thanking us later. Leaving gaps while packing serves as a precautionary measure as you can later fill them with things you may need or have bought along your journey. You can easily slip things such as a foldable picnic table or a folding chair in such holes.

4. Place the luggage in an accessible fashion

What is the purpose of an elaborate packing if you don't know where to find what you need when you need it. What if you really need, say hiking shoes or a kettle but you don't know where you've placed them. For this very reason, you must make sure that you position each individual bag in an orderly manner so that you can easily find what you need without having to fully unload.

Place the bags facing towards the opening so that you can easily unzip them, and get what you are looking for effortlessly. If you think you'll arrive at the campsite in the dark, fix lights that enable you to see better at night.

5. Add a roof rack to avail more packing space

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If you feel you do not have enough storage space on your 4WD you can always attach canvas or steel canopies or the versatile holden colorado roof racks like to increase the storage volume. But remember, not every canopy is a hundred percent waterproof, so you may have to fold up windows and sides for easy weather access and air ventilation.Further, you can incorporate drawers in your car to almost double the overall space. Utilizing drawers at the back of your 4WD can simplify packing and allow easy availability of important stuff.

6. Always secure your luggage

Camping trips are generally hardcore adventurous and it is wise to be prepared for the worst. So if you are planning on going off-road or driving through rough terrains, sliding and shifting of the load may become an issue. Prevention is better than cure, so it is vital to tightly strap and secure your baggage as this will hold the load firmly and will further aid in undoing the baggage safely.

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7. Think of the 5Ws and H

It is crucial to keep in mind the 5Ws and H: 'why, where, when, who, what and how'. That is where you are going, when you'll arrive, how you are planning on getting there and what you'll need while there. In case you are reaching in time for dinner keep your stove and other kitchen tools ready. If you know you'll arrive post daybreak strategically place all kinds of lighting equipment.Hope we've cleared all your 4WD packing doubts. What are you waiting for? Get up, get packing and get away someplace else.

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