8 Reasons to Take Your Workout Outdoors

  • 5th Feb 2018
  • |
  • by Camp Monk

As a generation making strides toward all-things-healthy and wholesome, we have now become more conscious about where to work out and how to build strength optimally. We spoke to Nasir Masood, the Co-founder of National Corps Fitness and Assault Training Program (previously known as Namma Crossfit) about why he prefers and encourages fitness enthusiasts to work out outdoors. He gave us seven compelling reasons and at the end of it we had the 8th! Read on to find out.

  1. Burn more: Outdoor workouts help burn more calories due to natural factors such as terrain, wind resistance and other elements of nature.
  2. More immunity: Helps build resistance to various allergens & viruses leading to improved over all health & fewer incidences of the flu, colds etc.
  3. Feel more: Increased mental stimulation and release of serotonin - the feel good hormone.
  4. More Vitamin D: Supplements your body with Vitamin D which is most often found lacking as a result of absence of outdoor exercise in sunshine.
  5. Spend less: Working out outdoors requires no expensive equipment or gym membership.
  6. More bonds: Leads to building of more long lasting bonds of friendship with nature itself and your fellow outdoor warriors
  7. Do more: Interacting with elements of the natural world builds confidence building and increased self esteem more than working out in a gym.
  8. Find exciting outdoor locations: National Corps Fitness and Campmonk have come together to take fitness outdoors to beautiful campsites at the periphery of Bangalore. Don’t miss the one this February. Get tickets here: Camp Active: Outdoor Fitness
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