A Friendly Bison And A Plogging Party : Jacob Cherian

  • 9th Apr 2020
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  • by Camp Monk
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Our guest today is Jacob Cherian:  He runs TerreGeneration, a company that makes content and products for environmentally-positive clients. Listen to how TerreGeneration plans on saving the world of 500 million pieces of plastic. We will talk about the impact of COVID 19 on pollution, a friendly bison and our love for jackfruit.

When he's not out leading plogging parties or busy saving the world he owns and operates a campsite on the hills of Kodaikanal called the Misty Mountain Hop - which incidentally is his bunker when the end of the world comes around.

What is a Plogging Party?

Imagine keeping fit, breathing pristinely clean air and disconnecting from the noise of the city while having some fun preserving the beauty of incredible natural spaces that surround you. We spoke to Jacob Cherian, one of our favourite camplords and a champion for all-things-nature. Earlier this month, he found a video that introduced him to Plogging doing rounds on the internet. As a runner and outdoor enthusiast, the combination sport of trail running and trash-picking along the trail instantly appealed to his sensibilities. He soon struck up conversations with more individuals and realised that given the increase of positive lifestyle changes he could open this up to a larger community to create a movement of value to our forests and natural spaces.

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