Camping for Good: Lucial and Rajendra at Kodai Mountain Camp

  • 1st Feb 2018
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  • by Camp Monk
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Tucked away in the lush green foliage of Kodaikanal, is a campsite that is larger than just a picturesque space for nature lovers to access and pitch a tent at. Carefully crafted in tandem with the interests and ideologies of its owners — Lucial and her husband Rajendra; the camp embodies a philosophy that is deeply rooted in minimalism and sustainable production.

Coming from a social development background, Lucial and Rajendra also help run a community led initiative called People’s Action for Development Society that works with the children the fishermen community of the Gulf of Munnar region. While working with these groups of children, they found the need to have a space where they could conduct workshops. They decided to convert their land into a campsite to raise ongoing funds to support their work for the community as well as a place to engage the kids with life-skill workshops. An organic farm soon took roots and the campsite flourishes with farm fresh produce.

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Kodai Mountain Camp overlooks some of the most scenic hills of South India, it attracts plenty of nature and wildlife enthusiasts. The rolling hills, natural beauty and scenic lakes make for a pleasurable stay no doubt, but the boundless energy of these wonderfully invested people is what makes the campsite a humbling experience. While the organic farm started as a hobby for Lucial and Rajendra, it grew to become home not just to them but also many farm animals — so be sure to given them a hug when you’re there. Lucial adds “The choices we make are polar opposites to what we made in the city, it makes us more conscious of environmental impacts and drives us to be more sustainable”

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Lucial believes that for those who really want to see Kodaikanal, they should live midst the plants and animal life that grows in its natural environment. “Ecologically conscious tourism is the only sustainable type tourism, we love to host like-minded folk and share with them our simplistic way of life.”

We, at Campmonk, echo the life values and philosophy that Lucial and Rajendra breathe into Kodai Mountain Camp. Be sure to plan a trip to Kodai Mountain Camp, for things more than just a good view. You can look them up here at Kodai Camp.

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