How To Plan A Camp Cookout

  • 4th Nov 2019
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  • by Jessica

Camping, being one of the most exciting adventures of all time, can turn into a nightmare if you don't have the right equipment & supplies...

Before camping, one needs to carefully plan everything so that you’re prepared with all that’s needed to make sure you’re sorted.

So, here are some things you need to carry to cook a yummy meal during camping!

Foods required

Water supplies

Imagine a scenario where you are camping in a forest, and you run out of water supply. It would be a disaster. Make sure you carry enough water in containers, bottles, etc. that it lasts throughout your camping duration. It would not only be used in drinking but for cooking food like pasta, rice, etc.

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Food Supplies

Food like rice, beans, vegetables don't occupy much space and is a staple for a delicious dinner or lunch. We can make several recipes by combining legumes, tofu, chicken etc. Moreover, it just takes 20 mins to cook a rice bowl and is the best source of carbs that one can have during Camping. Cold cut lean meats, and turkey cuts are also a nice option that one can put in a sandwich.

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Instant coffee packets and tea bags:

If you like to start your day with a cup of tea or coffee, these instant tea and coffee bags are your way to go! These are easy to carry and easy to make. You have to add them to water, and your steaming cup of tea/coffee is ready! They also minimize your waste. And the added advantage is that you don't have to wash a teapot, a mug, and other cutlery required. You have to wash your cup after drinking, and you're ready to enjoy your day!

Pre-cut frozen fruit:

The perfect snack while camping is fruit. They provide you with the essential nutrients and are easy to prepare. And who has the energy every time to cook for small snacks in woods, right? All you have to do is cut the fruit you like at least one day before leaving and keep it in a cooler with ice.

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We also require some equipment to cook food. These includes:


Having a cooler for your camping trip is essential. You will need to store many things of importance like ice, eggs, beer, water, milk, etc. Getting one on wheels is more preferable since it is easy to carry and you do not have to lift it. You can also get a small one if you are going on a short camping trip. Try a peg of smooth blended whiskey like one from  Johnny Walker with ice in it while sitting across a bonfire! It would surely make your night more happening.

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Camp stoves:

Cooking while Camping is an excellent activity if done correctly. A good camp stove can convert your trip to a remarkable one. There are various camp stoves available on the internet. Solar-powered camp stoves are efficient and eco-friendly. They use insulated cylinders for cooking your food using minimum sunlight. Those who use firewood as fuel are also available. Some have charging ports attached as well. These camp stoves are portable and have reasonable simmer control.

Skillet, saucepan, pot:

These are one of the essential cooking gear while camping. A skillet is vital for shallow frying or when you want to make hash browns. For general cooking, a saucepan will come to your help. However, make sure to purchase those that can bear high heat. For dishes involving gravy, the pot will come of use. Remember to take all these with lids. They are almost of no use if they are without covers since you would not like mosquitoes to fall in it before you eat the tasty food you made.

Cooking tools and utensils:

Buying cooking tools, especially for camping, is a smart idea because there is always something crucial we tend to forget at home. The tools may include spatula, knives, tongs, can openers, wooden spoons, etc. Make sure to have all kinds of knives you need on the trip so you can save some injuries. You also have to carry plates and bowls for you to eat properly. Eating right out of the pot can be a disaster!

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Trash bags:

An intelligent thing to do is carrying trash bags on a camping trip. You would not like to stuff your pockets with wrappers or searching for dustbins every hour, right? There are portable dustbins available in various sizes. They are foldable and easy to carry. It’s a big turnoff to eat surrounded by vegetable peels and wrappers. Using them while cooking will make the surrounding clean and thus, improve the place’s ambience.

Dont do this !!

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Go ahead and find your favourite campsite here - and let us know what was cooked during your camping trip :)

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