Long weekend coming, Here is where to camp around Bangalore

  • 27th Jun 2017
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Long weekend coming? Here is where to camp #aroundBangalore

When there’s a long weekend looming in the near future, the mind automatically wanders off to think of alternate possibilities. Whether it is to trek freely outdoors or stand in awe of the hills or be calmed by blue waters — it is inherent in us to crave nature. These campsites have everything you need to surround yourself with within 1 to 5 hours of travel.

River Run Farm Stay

If your retirement plan was to run a farm, this would be the ideal place to camp at — where a stream runs through the farm and farm animals easily out-number humans. Immersed entirely in sustainable and environment friendly farming practices, this place is for those who are curious about how to live simply. It is also often visited for hiking adventures.

Location: Kanakpura, Karnataka
Distance: 1 hour
Things you could do: Trekking


Camp Next To An Elephant Corridor

Ideal for wildlife enthusiasts and Planet Earth fanatics, camp in the wild for that surprise spotting of elephants. If you’re lucky and the animals oblige to visit close by, you may even spot leopards, porcupines and bears. Camping here is quite the wild adventure.

Location: Alur, Karnataka
Distance: 1.5 hours
Things you could do: Trekking | Wildlife-watching | Climbing


Campers Paradise

A lush green natural space with blue backwaters, an hour’s drive from Bangalore, makes it a perfect weekend getaway! It is surrounded by dense green forest that is home to the local wildlife around the Savandurga hill. Here would probably be the ideal setting to pitch a tent and take a picture.

Location: Manchanabele, Karnataka
Distance: 1.5 hours
Things you could do: Trekking | Wildlife-watching | Swimming | Cycling | Kayaking | Boating


Rocky Hill Camp

Camp at this charming farm surrounded by temples near the rocky hills of Devarayanadurga. It is ideal for families and groups that want to get away together. The night is particularly enticing next to a campfire around which you could do dinner.

Location: Tumkur, Karnataka
Distance: 2 hours
Things you could do: Trekking | Off-roading


Mango Lake Camping

Wander about while you camp at this 60 acre of mango farm surrounded by hills, a lake and the dense woods. Here is where you would be spoiled for options. You could try your hand at farming or even build a raft and cross the lake if that’s the kind of adventure that interests you.

Location: Nachikuppam, Tamil Nadu
Distance: 2.5 hours
Things you could do: Treking | Wildlife watching | Swimming | Boating


Yagachi Backwater Campsite

Located in the the backwaters of rivers Hemavati and Yagachi, this campsite is ideal for those who love spending all their time outdoors in nature. The access to the river makes it ideal to explore water-based adventure activities.

Location: Hassan, Karnataka
Distance: 3.5 hours 
Things you could do: Trekking | Kayaking |Wildlife watching | Swimming | Kayaking


Riverside Campout

If you are into birding and curious about the kind of birds that river Hemavathi attracts — here is where you should head to camp. Immersed in the rich rural culture, this campsite is ideal for unwinding and taking it easy after a chaotic week.

Where: Sakleshpur, Karnataka
Time: 4 hours 
Things to do: Trekking | Wildlife watching | Swimming | Boating


Under The Mango Tree

Set up a tent in this lusciously green environment that is cut away from the adjacent city hustle-bustle. This is where you would want to camp, read, swim and watch beautiful sunsets.

Location: Harapanahalli, Bangalore
Distance: 5 hours
Things you could do: Trekking | Wildlife-watching |Swimming | Cycling | Kayaking | Boating


But if you are looking to take a longer trip and don’t mind punching in a few more hours of travel, then here is where you can find options.


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