Camping in(tent)ions but don't own a tent?

  • 5th Dec 2017
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  • by Camp Monk

December is like the weekend of the months; the weather's perfect and everyone's got their camping groove on. If you're headed out camping and don't have the gear sorted, worry not - Campmonk is here to rescue you ;) Pick from the below list of partners who can hook you up. Incase you'd like to buy a Coleman tent we have some super discounts we can extend to you - fill this form

And if you're a late bloomer and still wondering where to go camping, check out  Dial Down — New Year Camping Experiences(

Some tips before you rent your tent:
  • Open the tent for a cursory view - just to make sure it's all there. Tent, fly cover, tent poles, guy ropes and pegs.
  • Check for tears if any
  • Count your rental gear
  • Give your renting partner a high five!
  • Go camping!
  • Oh .. and return your gear on time to avoid late payment charges.

Here the promised list (Bangalore based):

  1. Campermate
    Price: Rs 200 onwards,  check out their FB page
    Contact Details: +082968 51250
  2. ABC Tent
    Price: Rs 180 onwards | Home delivery free under 10km
    Contact Details: +91-70909-33336
  3. Shady Tents
    Rs 45 onwards | Home delivery available
    Contact Details: +91-87920-92014, FB page
  4. Zebra Cross Adventures
    Rs 35 onwards | Home delivery available for free
  5. Trekkers
    Rs.100 onwards
  6. X Dog Trekking
    Price: Rs 100 onwards | Home delivery available
    Contact Details: +91-99455-55897 or+91-74114-72672
  7. Spark Adventures
    Contact: +91-9880-73281

Happy Camping to you!

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