Pindrop - The Mystery Camping Experience

  • 28th Sep 2017
  • |
  • by Camp Monk
Imagine this: You tell us that you’ve been wanting to get out of the city for a while but don’t want to get away too far. Then you trust us when we say we’ve got a plan, you sign up for this adventure. 
We send you the location to a gorgeous campsite under 2hours away from your city but you have no idea what this place looks like. So you pack as per your minimal need, turn up there, pitch your tents and camp for a night in the company of those like-minded to you. 


Pindrop is a mystery camping experience based on discovery and exploration initiated by Campmonk. It’s like a treasure hunt and a camping experience rolled into one! We pick a beautiful location, keep it under wraps until the camp day and host you for a DIY camping experience.  You bring your food, gear and yourself to the campsite and we’ll ensure that you land up at breathtaking places every time.

How does this work?
On the morning of the event a specific Google pin of the campsite and check-in time would be shared with all those who on-board. All you need to do is turn up at the spot with your gear, camp under the stars and soak up all that the nature has to offer.

You will not know what surrounds, till you turn up.
How is that for an adventure?

Once a month

Around Bangalore. We'll reveal exactly where on camp day. Till then, we must all practice patience.

Noobs or experienced campers, families, kids, couples, pets, parents anyone who loves camping.

To tickle the sense of adventure and feel serendipitous.


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