Renting a tent - here's what you need to know

  • 6th Dec 2018
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  • by Camp Monk

December is like the weekend of the months; the weather's perfect and everyone's got their camping groove on. If you're headed out camping and don't have the gear sorted, worry not - Campmonk is here to rescue you ;)

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Pick from the below list of rental partners who can hook you up with camping gear. And if you still haven't found a campsite to hang at then we have you covered for that too - Dial Down NYE Camping Experiences.

Things you should check for before you take that rental tent home:

  1. Check if all the components are in the bag i.e. Tent base, Tent Fly, Poles, Guy ropes and pegs
  2. Check for broken poles, torn material etc
  3. Ask for a tent that matches the weather conditions (more here)
  4. Count your gear in the presence of the rental partner
  5. Thank them and given em a hi-five!
  6. Go camping!
  7. Rember to return gear on time, else you might end up paying late charges

Here the promised list


  • Campermate Price: Rs 200 onwards,  check out their FB page  Contact Details: +082968 51250
  • ABC Tent Price: Rs 180 onwards | Home delivery free under 10km Contact Details: +91-70909-33336
  • Shady Tents Price: Rs 45 onwards | Home delivery available Contact Details: +91-87920-92014, FB page
  • Zebra Cross Adventures Price: Rs 35 onwards | Home delivery available for free Contact: +91-81231-58272
  • Trekkers Price: Rs.100 onwards Contact: +91-97385-15738
  • X Dog Trekking Price: Rs 100 onwards | Home delivery availableContact Details: +91-99455-55897 or+91-74114-72672
  • Spark Adventures Contact: +91-9880-73281

Mumbai and Pune:

  • Bragpacker Price: Rs 200 onwards. Website and Contact details : 9004998998
  • RentonGo Website starts from Rs. 200
  • Addy tents | Starts from Rs. 250 | Home delivery available | Contact info : 91-9702074430 / +91-8879083616

If you know that you're going to be camping often then buying a tent is the way to go. Check out our blog on the different types of tents so you can find the one that's meant for you.

Happy Camping to you!

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