Why Camping Is Awesome For Teams

  • 28th Aug 2019
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  • by Camp Monk

Team outings are not just an excuse for mandatory fun — they serve a greater purpose to the team and company as a whole. Here are some unexpected benefits of team outings at a campsite that will change your perspective of team off-sites.

Digital Detox drives real conversations

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Communication is the key to create a high performing team. When in the office we hardly get time to have real connections, we're constantly distracted by screens to even hold a 10-minute conversation. When you're at a campsite you'll have a spotty network at best resulting in your team swapping screens for real face time.

Expose Hidden Talents

Going camping is an opportunity for employees to participate in fun, out-of-the-box activities that will help the team grow in areas like communication and collaboration. It’s also an opportunity for the team leader to learn more about their employees and help them discover new talents. Who knew that your accountant is a karaoke king, or that your lead salesman could get creative in the camp kitchen and whip up an awesome meal!

Motivate Employees to Work Towards a Shared Goal

Motivating your employees can be a challenge, especially if they are working on a project that the entire team isn’t thrilled about. Camping could be that motivation for employees with a change of scenery and a new, fun goal to accomplish. Team outing ideas like scavenger hunts or building a campfire give your employees an opportunity to work together to achieve a goal that has nothing to do with work.

Give Employees a Fun, Mental-Health Break

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Day-to-day work-related stress can have employees feeling worn down and as a team leader, you have to find opportunities to give your team mental-health breaks. A mental-health break isn’t only great for your employees, but for your entire team. Where else will you get a better break than in the midst of nature? Find time for everyone to get out of the office and let loose.

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