Woot Woot! You're Coming Camping!

  • 16th Jul 2016
  • |
  • by Camp Monk
Hey there camper :)

We are kicked that you are coming mystery camping and would like you to be prepared with all information before you head out. We've got your basics sorted. Read on. 

PACKING: First things first, do check out this note long before you leave. It will give you a general sense of  what to pack. 

WARMTH: Pack warm clothes and raincoats, you'd be be prepared for whichever way the night goes.

SHELTER: If you don't have a tent or other basic accessories our good friends at Campermate can sort you out with that at the site. 
-Just fill up the form at the end and we'll have the tents be brought over to the spot. Check out the tent renting prices below.

-Bags packed as per need and this note?


-We'll have the location be sent to you by 10:00AM, 28th October Saturday morning. Do get there latest by 2PM on Saturday.
-Don't forget that it's been raining! We'll have to make lemonade with the rain lemons, should it choose to pour down on us.
-We'll add you to a WhatsApp group on Saturday morning. You can let people know if you have extra space in your car to carpool with the other campers.
Looks like you are all set.

Need info on anything else? Call us on +919590495495
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