Rocky Hill Camp

Doddenahalli, Tumkur, Karnataka

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Known for: Rocky Hill View, amazing hospitality and food , nearby treks

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A mere 2 hours drive from Bangalore will transport you to this beautiful campsite, surrounded by temples and history near rocky hills called Devarayanadurga. This place is famous for trekking, wonderful climate and scenery.

The Camp:
We have five family sized tents placed under thatched huts, so that you're covered from the afternoon sun and any possible rain. Sit around a warm campfire, while you dine and laugh the night away. We also have a few spare tents for larger groups, or if the kids want to setup their own.

We also offer yummy locally sourced food make with homestyle care. Come by and be wowed by our farm and hospitality.

Things to do around:
Located at DRD means that you have access to some epic lakes, hikes and trails. We are located at the foot hills of this majestic view of DRD and offer a guided trek to the top of the hill which usually takes about 4 hours to return from. A shorter hike route is also available and is a nice way to soak in the sunset. So get your hiking shoes, running kit, MTB's or your adventure bikes because there's quite a bit to do around. Go explore! 

We also run a gherkin and pickles processing factory nearby, if you're up for it we'd love to take  you on a tour and show you how they are picked, sorted and packaged before they find their way into your sandwich :)

There are a few temples around DRD Hills as well if you'd like to soak in the local culture. 

Pets charges including food 750 per pet

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