The Great Shola Camp

Makkimala, Thavinhal, Wayanad, Kerala

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Known for: Stunning views, amazing avian fauna and endemic flora

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Note:- The camp will resume from Oct

We have set our  base on a few acres of grassland on rolling hills of the Western Ghats in Wayanad. Beyond the horizon the vista opens to fold upon fold of shola and grassland habitat, disappearing into the mists of the Brahmagiri range that stretches across the border to Irupu in Karnataka. The ranges of Iritty stand silhouetted in the distance as the sun sinks in the west.

A holiday that exposes the individual to a new way of thinking, a chance to appreciate the local fauna and flora and to be part of an experiment that redefines the meaning of a community living in harmony with nature. 

A rustic ambiance with few creature comforts that allows one to connect with nature with few of the distractions of a consumptive urban world. A panacea for the pressures and stressors there in. 

In the backdrop of an increasingly changing world with its insatiable demand for resources the threat to native cultures and the environment has been well documented world-wide. The old ways of agricultural practices and judicious use of resources threatens to be over-ridden by a chaotic rush towards “development” resulting in pushing native people and floral and faunal species to the brink of extinction. 

A walk in the woods is indeed a fun way of spending your weekend or holiday, but as it turns out, it may have health benefits that surpass what you expect. In Japan for example, the practice of Shinrin-yoku or “forest bathing” is a practice observed by many.
Also in process is the cataloging of tree species cloaking the stream running along the northern border of the property, monitoring and recording the birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians along with the floral components that are endemic to the area, working with tribal people who have been given the task of building tribal huts in the traditional ways of their ancestors, the preparation of a kitchen garden, the creation of a shallow pond that is fed by clear spring water to create a biome for the study of aquatic plants, amphibians and ferns, and, a host of other innovative projects yet to be implemented.
These include creating a data bank of tribal knowledge focusing on creating a manual of medicinal plants and their current status in the wild, documentation of folk music, dance forms and culture, tools used and their endangerment by current mechanical advancement from the outside world.
We have planted over 400 saplings of RET (Rare, Endangered and Threatened) saplings endemic to Western Ghats some of them are listed "Critically Endangered" in the IUCN Red list.
This venture is being run on an experimental basis and since the feed-back is good from our guests, could be a model for resorts and home-stays where the owners of such enterprises understand the importance of showcasing native floral and fauna rather than the manicured lawns and exotic plants that are currently a part of these establishments. Diffusion of ideas into the neighborhood is one of the agendas, thus creating a hope for reconciliation ecology, the obvious beneficiaries being the native plants and animals of this amazingly diverse part of the Western Ghats.

Please note: 
Only Vegetarian food Provided. Outside food (veg or non veg) is strictly not allowed.
Additional bed for tree house or farm house @Rs3250/- per head per night
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