Campers Paradise (Kerekaadu)

Veerapura, Ramanagara, Karnataka

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Known for: Waterfront views, kayaking , beautiful stars during the night

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Most times you hear of a paradise you’re thinking of a remote location far away from the bustle of the city. Campers Paradise busts that myth! A lush green natural space with blue backwaters, just an hours drive from Bangalore, makes it a perfect weekend getaway! The backwaters stretches for more than 4 kms and is surrounded by dense forest full of wildlife. The huge single rock formation of "Savandurga Hill" at the backdrop adds to the beauty. 
Our campsite is designed for people who love nature and are willing to be inconvenienced by it. No electricity, no network and no screens – that’s how we like it. You can explore kayaking adventures, go hiking around the area or do nothing and be mesmerized by the beautiful views of the lake. If you’re a night sky enthusiast, you’ll enjoy the zero light pollution that the location has to offer. 
Some camp rules before you consider booking with us:
  • This is a DIY camp – so pitch your own tents, bring your own food and cook it over the campfire (we’ll give you a grill)
  • Avoid bringing any plastics with you.
  • All trash should be taken back to Bangalore by the camper – Leave No Trace.
  • Water activities will only be allowed with our supervision and safety equipment.
  • If you’ve consumed any liquor you will not be allowed into the water
  • We care for our land and our code and hope you respect it too – if not you will be escorted off the premises. 

Note: Carry your own drinking water to the camp.
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