Shodhan Farm Camp, Kankapura

Kanchanahalli, Ramanagara, Karnataka

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Known for: Organic farm, amazing hospitality, camp among ducks and birds

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Our campsite is a self-sufficient farm created using Zero Budget Natural Farming that employs state-of-the-art, eco-friendly methods of cultivation. 
 The huge stretch of fertile land produces a variety of herbs, fruits, vegetables and spices. The farm is a complete realm by itself: A herd of cows, a herd of rabbits and guinea pigs, geese, sheep, chicken, goats and a couple of watchful dogs. 
Here’s where you can get back to roots, learn about farming practices, and even try your hand at farming. 
The area is full of hills, rocks and boulders to climb! Kabbaladurga is a huge hillock and fairly challenging hike – many travel there from Bangalore to go climb this alone. And right opposite the campsite is the mythologically interesting Bheemana Kindi – the views from there – including of the campsite – are worth the short hike up. 

Staying in the tents, with minimal-yet-comfortable gear, sitting under the stars and living a farm life for a couple of days is a very different, relaxed vacation all by itself. We’ll setup a bonfire in the evenings and have books and board games to keep you engaged with zero-screen time for a whole weekend 
Some things to note: 
This is not a resort. Since this is a working farm, at times we may not be able to spend quality time with everybody. 
Please wear appropriate footwear (comfortable sandals or shoes and avoid high heeled footwear) and bring a hat. Get an additional set of clothes for small children, in case they decide to play in the water or slush. We expect you to carry back all your non-biodegradable items.
We are proud of our sustainable conservation efforts, some of them are listed here:
  1. No tree has been cut while selecting a place to build the farmstay. 
  2. Plants are being cultivated that will eventually add to the green layer of the earth. 
  3. The water used for cooking and drinking comes from the pond, where water gathers from the stream that originates in the surrounding hills. 
  4. Locally sourced material has been used to build all cottages. 
  5. Villagers from surrounding area of the property come to serve guests, by taking out some time from their day to day bread earning activities. 
  6. Vegetables used for cooking are grown in their fields, thus contributes to village economy. Biogas plant has been implemented and mud stove is used to cook food. Water stream which flows through the farm is kept clean and conserved every year which increases water level of wells in the surrounding area, directly benefitting villagers. 
  7. Rain water harvesting is practiced to regenerate groundwater reserves

Pet food charges is INR 400
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