Adv Moto Camp II

28th Apr 2018 6:00 pm - 30th Apr 2018 4:00 pm 6000 / onwards 2727 people viewed this event


You asked and we deliver - Adv Moto Camp II is here!
Start those engines and let’s ride to beautiful Wayanad. Think long winding roads, lush green views and the rhythmic thump of your trusted friend as it cruises through the crisp Kerala mountain air.  Don’t be surprised if we head off the beaten path onto a trail or stop by a gurgling river for a meal. This one’s all about adventure.
Gear Gear Motorcycles are our ride experts, providing you with ride co-ordination, ride etiquette and mechanical help. This moto camping experience is for everyone - for rider groups, women riders, partners, families and those who enjoy hitting the road. If you’re a punter or a noob, you’re welcome to join us for this awesome Moto Camp experience. 
About the camp:
Situated atop a hill in the beautiful, rustic and serene village of Valad, Wayanad the Jungle Edge gives you a breath-taking view of the Wayanad forest and hills. Wake up and enjoy the soothing scent of our surrounding tea plantation and herbal gardens. There’s an infinity pool at this campsite, yes you read that right, infinity pool! 

 Jungle Edge Wayanad (click link for images)
Distance from Bangalore: Approx. 310 km
Riding time: 7 hrs

 Riding and camping etiquette basics
 Group ride to and from campsite
 Camping + Campfire Activities
 Optional Trek 
 Optional ride around Wayanad
 DAY 1
6:00AM //Rider convening time (Location will be shared)]
6:30am // Ride Out 
8:30am // Breakfast stop 
11:00am // Pit-stop 
1:00pm // Lunch
3:00pm // Reach Jungle Edge Wayand
3:00pm-4:00pm // Pitching tents/Rest
4:00-6:00pm // High tea Snack/Explore Campsite 
6:30pm onwards // Campfire/BBQ/Music 
6:30am // Short trek/Birding activities (Price not included in the final cost)
8:30am // Breakfast 
9:30am // Trail Ride
1:30pm // Lunch at Camp //BBQ
2:00pm- 5:00 // Chill by the infinity pool
5:00pm // High tea Snacks
6:30pm onwards // Campfire/BBQ/Music 
8:30am // Breakfast 
11am // Check Out and Ride Out
1:30pm // Lunch Stop
4:00pm // Pit-stop
6:00pm // Reach Bangalore and disperse
 Rs.6,000 per rider
 Rs.10,000 rider + pillion
18% GST 
Food and tent stay across one day and two nights
Sleeping Bags and pillows
Clean restroom and shower facilities available
 Expenses incurred during ride
 Petrol, bike rentals, meals during ride etc
 Cancellation Policy: 
  • Due to unavoidable circumstances (like rain or any natural calamity), if the event gets cancelled, Campmonk or any other person associated with the same shall not be responsible for any claim or compensation
  •  Registrations/Tickets can only be refunded if request is initiated at least 10 days before event day. In which case the following refunds would apply
  •  10 days before event: 100%
  •  7 days before event: 75% 
  •  2 days before event: 50% 
  •  Last 48hrs: No refunds
  •  Campmonk fees will be deducted in all the above cases


  • Camping
  • Adventure
  • BBQ
  • Swimming
  • Wildlife
  • Offroading
  • Jungle
  • BirdWatching
  • biking
  • Jungles
  • Roadtrip
  • Campinginindia

Things to carry

  • Your riding gear
  • Clothes and toiletaries 
  • Spirit of adventure

Terms & condition

-This is a community gathering in a private property, nuisance will not be tolerated and you might even be asked to leave the premises if the community feels unsafe or disturbed.
-You are most welcome to enjoy your drink and keep the happiness to yourself for as long as you avoid disturbing others around you
-This is not a cheap, alternative for a place to get drunk. We are serious campers, we love nature and we appreciate if you share the same sentiment
-We are very particular on zero trace camping


Contact Campmonk at 9590495495


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