Pindrop Mystery Camp - Christmas Edition

15th Dec 2018 3:00 pm - 16th Dec 2018 11:00 am 800 / onwards 3242 people viewed this event


A mystery camping night near Bangalore at a surprise location.

Get prepared to be pleasantly surprised as Xmas makes way. Drive/ride/pool to the location (which will be revealed on the previous day of the Camp day - only 2 hours from Bangalore), pitch your tents and relax in the cozy setting of a dreamy campsite with your friends and family.

**Pindrop -Mystery Camping | Christmas Edition **

 What is happening?
There is a certain kind of a rush that comes with discovering nooks and corners that are otherwise blind to the eye - are you willing to allow yourself to get on a crazy adventure?

You'll find yourself rewarded by the beauty of anticipation lurking in the outdoors.
Pindrop is a mystery camping experience based on discovery and exploration initiated by Campmonk. We pick an awesome place, keep it under wraps until the previous day of the camp and host you for a DIY camping experience. Exciting enough?

Its like a treasure hunt and a camping experience rolled into one!

Come on, choose the outdoors!

Ticket Price : Including GST.
Entry Pass + Food & BBQ + Camping Gear* - Rs 2500 per head
Entry Pass only BYOT -(Bring your own tent) Rs.1200 per head
Entry Pass + Food & BBQ - Rs 2100 per head
Entry Pass + Camping Gear*- Rs 1600 per head
Kids age 6 yrs to 10 yrs Food & BBQ + Camping Gear* - Rs 1200
Kids age 6 yrs to 10 yrs Food & BBQ only - Rs 800
* Camping gear includes Tent + sleeping bag

-Entry by payment confirmation only.
-Free entry for children below the age of 10 yrs.
-Campsite can be accessed by all vehicles

How does this work?
On the previous day of the event a specific Google pin of the campsite and check-in time would be shared with all those who are on-board. All you need to do is turn up at the campsite with your gear, camp under the stars and soak up all that the nature has to offer.
You will not know what surrounds, till you turn up.
How is that for an adventure?

Check in 15th December, 3 pm
Check out at 16th December, 11 am

Around Bangalore. We'll reveal exactly where on previous day of the camp . Till then, we must all practice patience.

Noobs or experienced campers, families, kids, couples, pets, parents anyone who loves camping.
Bring your motorbikes, bicycles, guitars, djembe or telescope. Pack your favourite dish or left overs or what ever else you'd like to snack on.

The idea is to get campers to unite, a no barrier, open for all camping experience to soak all that the nature has to offer. To tickle the sense of adventure and feel serendipitous.

Cancellation Policy:
-Due to unavoidable circumstances (like rain or any natural calamity). Campmonk or any other person associated with the same shall not be responsible for any claim or compensation
- There is no refund. But we will be happy to transfer/credit your ticket
-Campmonk fees will be deducted in all the above cases


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Things to carry

- Pick up a book if you wish, find a shaded corner and immerse your weekend away from home in the wilderness in ways you do not get to
- Headlamp or torch 
- Mosquito Repellant 
- Tents are available on rent. 
- Food is available to be purchased. 
- But if you'd like to bring your own tent and food, we'd encourage you to rough it out :) 

Terms & condition

Camp Code:
 - This is a community gathering in a private property, nuisance will not be tolerated and you might even be asked to leave the premises if the community feels unsafe or disturbed.
- You are most welcome to enjoy your drink and keep the happiness to yourself for as long as you avoid disturbing others around you
- This is not a cheap, alternative for a place to get drunk. We are serious campers, we love nature and we appreciate if you share the same sentiment
- We are very particular on zero trace camping
- We'd like to eliminate single use plastics, so please do not bring any to the campsite.


Call us at Campmonk on +919590495495or write to us at

Map & Directions

Secret Camp!


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