Pindrop Mystery Camp - March 2021

27th Mar 2021 2:00 pm - 28th Mar 2021 11:00 am 1500 / onwards 2196 people viewed this event


Welcome to Bangalore's most fun campout scene! We started Pindrop Mystery Camp in 2017 to share the joy of the outdoors with you. Since then we've helped hundreds of peeps discover the joy of camping and the outdoors. Pindrop is a family and pet-friendly experience hosted at Camp Monk's Select campsites every month.

How does this work?
On the previous day of the event, a google pin of the Secret Camp will be shared with all those who have booked tickets. All you need to do is turn up at the campsite and soak up all the fun that's on offer. It's a little bit of mystery and a lot of fun! How is that for an adventure?

Broad Itinerary:
Day 1

2:00 pm // Arrive at the camp
2:30 pm // Learn to pitch a tent
3:00 pm // Briefing
3: 15 pm // Explore campsite
4:30 pm // Tea and Snacks
5:00 pm // Nature Walk
7:30 pm // Campfire and BBQ
8: 30 pm // Live Music Jam
9: 00 pm // Dinner and old fashioned star gazing

Day 2
6: 00 am // Juice up and Hike
9: 00 am // breakfast and chill
11: 00 am // leave for Bangalore

Prices per Adult:
Safari Tent Camping Pass per head : Rs. 3,500 (Includes Swiss Tent stay, sleeping bags and food)-SOLD OUT
BYOT and Food Pass per head : Rs. 2,500 (includes entry and food only)
BYOT only per head : Rs. 1,700 (includes entry only)

Prices per Child ( 6-10 Yrs ) :
Regular Camping Pass per head : Rs. 2,000 (Includes entry, camping gear and food) - SOLD OUT
BYOT and Food Pass per head : Rs. 1,500   (includes entry and food only)

Children below 6 years are free


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Things to carry

- Pick up a book if you wish, find a shaded corner and immerse your weekend away from home in the wilderness in ways you do not get to
- Headlamp or torch 
- Mosquito Repellant 
- Bring extra blankets/pillows if required
- Carry clothes as per the weather
- Bring your camping gear and food if you've chosen BYOT tickets

Camp Code:
 - This is a community gathering in a private property, nuisance will not be tolerated and you might even be asked to leave the premises if the community feels unsafe or disturbed.
- You are most welcome to enjoy your drink and keep the happiness to yourself for as long as you avoid disturbing others around you
- This is not a cheap, alternative for a place to get drunk. We are serious campers, we love nature and we appreciate if you share the same sentiment
- We are very particular on zero trace camping
- We'd like to eliminate single use plastics, so please do not bring any to the campsite.

Terms & condition

In addition to the below, here's a full document of our terms and conditions

Cancellation Policy:
-Due to unavoidable circumstances (like rain or any natural calamity). Campmonk or any other person associated with the same shall not be responsible for any claim or compensation
- There is no refund. But we will be happy to transfer/credit your ticket
- Campmonk fees (Rs 150) will be deducted in all the above cases
- Last minute cancellations will not accepted and no refund will be issued.


Call 9590495495 or write to

Map & Directions

Secret Campsite


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