The Longest Lunar Eclipse Camp

27th Jul 2018 3:00 pm - 28th Jul 2018 8:30 am 1180 / onwards 2782 people viewed this event


Watch the longest Lunar Eclipse of the century from Hilly Billy Campground.  Far away from the city lights, the place is only a beautiful drive away.

About the Campground
The Hilly Billy Campground is a rustic campsite by the lake with basic amenities. It is located near Dodabellapur, only 60kms from Hebbal, a beautiful drive. With hills surrounding the campsite, there are spots to catch beautiful sunrises and sunsets. The campsite is packed with fun activities like Mudsports, Archery, Destruction Range and more. The Hilly Billy Campground is also a base camp for treks to many places nearby. These are mostly unexplored trails and each have something new to offer.

Hilly billy campground, Ujjani, Dodabellapur, just 60kms from Bangalore

Watching the Lunar Eclipse
Trek and Water activities


3:00 PM - Arrive at Campsite
4:00 PM - Explore Campsite
5:00 PM - Sunset Walk
6:00 PM - Set up tents
7:00 PM - Campfire
8:00 PM - Tradition village dinner
11:30 - Watch Lunar Eclipse
-close for the day-
7:00 AM - Trek begins
8:15 AM - Return to campsite
8:30 AM - Breakfast
9:30 AM - Leave from Campground

Pricing :
₹1000 for ages 6-12
₹1300 for ages above 12
Plus 18% GST

Tents are twin shared. One sleeping bag is provided per person.
Dinner, Breakfast ( Veg Only )
Morning Trek

Additional information :

Non vegetarian food can be ordered at the restaurant prices plus delivery charges.
A tractor ride to the trek can be organized at 1000/- for upto 20 people.

Cancellation policy :
All cancellations before 26th will be refunded
Cancellation on 27th will be charged at 50% the ticket money

Terms :
  • Do not damage property Tampering with farm produce without permission is also considered as causing harm to property.
  • The pond is for agricultural activities and is deep. Recreational activities are prohibited
  • Frogs, insects are common as it is a open farm land. Even snakes and scorpions are sighted rarely.
  • Campsite is not responsible for  any injuries/death caused by any wild cratures or caused by indulging in adventure activities like swimming/climbing and jumping.
  • Banned nacrotic substances are not allowed in the premises. 


  • Camping
  • Stargazing
  • Campingnearbangalore

Things to carry

- Pick up a book if you wish, find a shaded corner and immerse your weekend away from home in the wilderness in ways you do not get to
- Headlamp or torch 
- Mosquito Repellant 
- 5L of water 
- Food is available to be purchased. 
- ID proof
- Trekking shoes
- A change of clothes suitable to enter the pond
- Torch

Terms & condition

Camp Code:
  •  This is a community gathering in a private property, nuisance will not be tolerated and you might even be asked to leave the premises if the community feels unsafe or disturbed.
  •  You are most welcome to enjoy your drink and keep the happiness to yourself for as long as you avoid disturbing others around you
  • This is not a cheap, alternative for a place to get drunk. We are serious campers, we love nature and we appreciate if you share the same sentiment
  • We are very particular on zero trace camping
  • We'd like to eliminate single use plastics, so please do not bring any to the campsite.


Please call Campmonk on 919590495495

Map & Directions

Hilly billy campground
Ujjani, Karnataka 561204, India
Get directions


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