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6th Sep 2021 6:00 pm - 9th Sep 2021 7:30 pm 2950 / onwards 1918 people viewed this event


The Bird song cabin presents a brilliant opportunity for wildlife enthusiasts to learn about the amazing bio-diversity that India has to offer.
India is one of the three wildlife richest habitats in the world, and we help you learn about these amazing creatures through 4 fantastic sessions covering all the important, mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish.
Not only will you learn some amazing facts about these animals, but you will also learn how to save them.
The workshop is led by award-winning wildlife photographer Phillip Ross who is exceptional with children, and will ensure a fun, educational, interactive and creative time.

Learn about the incredible wildlife that India has to offer! You child will learn some interesting facts about these animals, understand their habitats and learn important ways to conserve them.

  • Comprehensive understanding of India’s Biodiversity.
  • Learn about mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish.
  • Learn ways to conserve and save these amazing creatures.
  • Expert guidance from naturalist and wildlife photographer Phillip Ross

This Indian Wildlife Workshop is spread over 4 days, of 1.5 hours each day.
Timing : 6 PM to 7.30 PM
DAY 1:
  • India’s Rich Wildlife & Important Wildlife Habitats
  • The Wildlife Protection Act of 1972
  • Introduction to the mammals of India
  • Big cats
  • Lesser cats
  • Canids of India
  • Bears of India
  • Ungulates
  • Deer
  • Civets
  • India’s mongoose species
  • Primates of India
  • Bats
  • Other mammals of India
We begin the online workshop, with Phillip presenting an introduction to India’s wildlife and the important and amazing wildlife habitats, before introducing conservation and the wildlife protection Act of 1972. We now talk about the amazing mammals found in India, giving an importance to all the flagship species.
DAY 2:
  • The pioneer of bird studies – Salim Ali
  • Birds discovered after independence
  • Threatened birds of India
  • Endemic birds of the Western Ghats
  • Common birds found around us
Today is all about the amazing birdlife that India has to offer. We cover all of the above topics, and your child will be absolutely amazed by the richness this country offers.
DAY 3:
  • Introduction to Reptiles of India
  • Crocodiles of India
  • Turtles of India
  • Snakes of India
  • The BIG 4
  • Snakebite – Myths & First Aid
  • Lizards and Skinks of India
  • Introduction to Amphibians of India
  • Frogs vs Toads
  • Frogs of the Rainforest
The third day of the workshop is all about the reptiles and amphibians of India. We go through all of the above topics in detail, and your child will be more aware about these incredible creatures.
DAY 4:
  • Introduction to fishes of India
  • Mammals of the water
  • The marine ecosystem
  • Brackish water ecosystem
  • Freshwater ecosystem
  • The Mahseer – Tiger of the River
  • Angling for Conservation
  • River Conservation – The Need of the Hour
The final day is all about the amazing fish life of India. We cover all 3 fish ecosystems, such as marine, brackish water and freshwater. We pay special attention to the mahseer, a species of critically endangered freshwater fish found in major river systems of India. We also share our views about conservation of our rivers, which is the need of the hour.
Workshop requirements:
  • Good internet
  • Zoom account

Cost inclusive of GST
Rs 2950/- per head 
Rs 5310/- for pals/ 2 participant 

  • Workshop fee’s
  • Unlimited support in the future with your mentor
  • A digital certificate of participation

Have questions about this workshop?
We hope you'll find your answers here.

Who is this workshop for?
Any child, teen or young adult between the ages of 10 and 18 is welcome to enroll for these workshops. There are no other eligibility criteria, just a passion to learn about nature and wildlife.

My child is older or younger than 10 and 18. Can an exception be made?
The age group of the children has been carefully chosen keeping in mind the content and style of delivery. However, if your child is outside the age group and you’re interested in admitting him or her, please talk to us.

What are the requisites for the Workshop?
As this is a virtual/online interactive workshop, you must have good internet.
The workshop will be taking place over Zoom Conference calls. Students over the age of 18 may use their own Zoom accounts, however, we strongly recommend that students 17 years and younger use their parents Zoom accounts. The Bird song cabin will ensure that only those enrolled for the workshop be present on the conference and the conference locked once all participants are logged in.

How many participants can be expected to attend?
A maximum of 20 students are expected. The Bird song cabin USP is to provide as much individual attention and quality time to each participant as possible and thus the workshop strength has been kept low. We do not cater to very large groups per batch!


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Things to carry

Once you register and pay for the camp, the camp instructor will send out the camp advice and general guidelines to every participant. This document will contain all the necessary information, a checklist of items to keep it handy etc.

Terms & condition

Payment Terms
100% payment in advance for confirmation of booking.

Cancellation Fees
  • 10% outside 30 days before the workshop
  • 25% between 29 and 22 days before the workshop
  • 50% between 21 and 15 days before the workshop
  • 75% between 14 and 8 days before the workshop
  • 100% within 7 days before the workshop


Call +919590495495or write to us at info@campmonk.com

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