Frequently Asked Questions
Camp Monk is a growing community of good-natured people and the most comprehensive resource for unique outdoor stays.
Guest FAQs
Camp Monk is a travel company that connects people with private and scenic camping sites. It allows campers to discover and book unique outdoor stays, including campsites on private lands, in farms, near beaches, and in forests.

The idea is to provide campers with access to beautiful, less crowded natural environments where they can enjoy a more personal and immersive outdoor experience. Camp Monk typically caters to those looking for a getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life and to reconnect with nature.
Camp Monk offers campsites across various locations in Karnataka, including nature campsites in Bannerghatta and Sakleshpur. We are excited to announce that we will soon expand to other states. For more information and to make a reservation, please visit the homepage of our website, where you can explore different locations and book according to your preferences.

We provide a variety of accommodation options, such as camping and glamping tents, cabins, and containers. Additionally, we organize a range of curated day and overnight events and experiences. For further details, please visit the 'Events/Experiences' section accessible via the top right corner of our homepage.
Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our team at 95904-95495
Certainly! Food is available at all our campsites. We have our own kitchen on-site that serves delicious, simple Indian cuisine. You can find details about meal inclusions by checking the Food and Beverages section listed under each accommodation on our website.
For safety and assistance, we have 24/7 security guards and surveillance cameras strategically positioned throughout the property. Our dedicated staff is always present to ensure your stay is enjoyable - please remember to treat them with the utmost respect.
We're delighted to welcome you to our nature campground, where our focus is on providing a serene stay amidst nature with comfortable amenities. Our accommodations are meticulously maintained and designed for your utmost comfort, perfect for a tranquil and leisurely vacation. As part of our commitment to ensuring a pleasant experience for all, we kindly request that guests adhere to the following rules and regulations.
  • No trace policy: To uphold our commitment to sustainability, we respectfully request our guests to utilize the available trash cans, limit their use of plastics, and take recyclable items with them upon departure. We also appreciate your cooperation in refraining from bringing decorations for celebrations onto the property.
  • No noise policy: Guests are welcome to play personal music using a small speaker, but we kindly ask them to stop if it disturbs other guests. Please note that we strictly enforce a No-Noise policy after 10 pm, which includes refraining from speaking loudly.
  • Damage Charges: Please note that in the event of any damage caused to the property, including the accommodations, interiors, bedsheets, towels, or any other items by guests or their pets, a penalty will be imposed at the time of check-out for such occurrences.
Camp Monk Journeys is one of a kind experience of traveling in a campervan or luxury caravan to the curated list of destinations mentioned on our website. This starts with a pick-up at your doorstep, once you reach the curated location , the vehicle also doubles as your accommodation for the overnight stay, culminating with a drop off at your house at the end of the journey.

Please note that the campervans/ caravans are not available as rentals for customized locations of your choice. In order to find the complete details and place a booking for your trip, check Camp Monk Journeys on the homepage of our website

For further enquiries please contact our team - 95904-95495
Bookings can be made directly through the website. Things to keep in mind while booking
  • Sign-up to the website
  • Check availability on the website
Pro-tip: If a date is crossed against an accommodation - that means we are sold out on that date
For any further assistance kindly contact the customer service number 95904-95495
Ways to sign-up/sign-in to the Camp Monk website:
  • If you are a new user, sign-up first and then use the credentials for logging in Sign-up using the sign-in option at the top right corner of the home page
  • If you have already registered as a camper on our website, use your registered mail-id or phone number as credentials for logging in.
In order to check availability and place a booking it is important to sign-in to the website. Once the booking is made, all the details related to the booking shall be communicated to the registered email and phone number.
Cancellation Policy: If you cancel at least 1 week before your check in day and time, you’ll receive a refund (minus service fees i.e 150 per head).
If you cancel within the 1 week before check in, there will be no refund

Cancellation request for a booking can be raised by following ways From the Camp Monk dashboard By writing a mail to info@campmonk.com

The cancellation policy is mentioned under the details section on the accommodation page of our website,beneath the activities section. The cancellation policy includes any modifications made to a confirmed booking- viz- Cancellation/postponement
Refund for cancellations made within the cancellation period are of two types:-
  • Refund to the Camp Monk Wallet - which happens instantly and the complete booking amount will be refunded to the wallet which can be used for a booking on a future date via the website. There is no expiry to the wallet amount.
  • Refund to the source of payment(minus service fees)- This might take 5-7 business days to reflect in the original source of payment as per the payment gateway policy. However, refunds to payments made via credit cards might take longer.
If you face any issue with respect to a refund, kindly contact the customer service number - 95904-95495 to know the status of the refund.
BYOT- Bring Your Own Tent - is an option to choose when you have a camping tent of your own.We provide the space for pitching your tent.
Things to carry when you opt for BYOT
  • Sleeping gear
  • Blankets
  • Toiletries
  • Any other camping essentials
For further enquiries please contact our team : 95904-95495
Events/Experiences are specially curated overnight stays or day outing options offered at various locations by the Camp Monk team. You can find details and make bookings through the Events/Experiences tab at the top right corner of the website.

For further enquiries please contact our team - 95904-95495
Camp Monk is a nature campsite and is unique in terms of its idea of inculcating DIY culture amongst its guests. However , we still have got your back by providing the essentials for your comfortable stay.

The amenities slightly differ according to the accommodation you choose, which is specified in detail under the amenities section of each accommodation.

For further details contact our team 95904-95495
All the accommodations at Camp Monk provide basic amenities like water, washroom (attached or common depending on the type of accommodations),etc. In order to get a better idea on the same please click on the amenities section under each accommodation to understand what you will require to carry along with you.

Since we are a nature campsite, we encourage the DIY spirit and self-service for all our campsites. We want our guests to find their true nature in our lush green campsites without compromising on the comfort and safety.

Please carry your own towels, napkins, toiletries, bug sprays, medications (if any), weather appropriate clothings and other personal usage items.

For further details contact our team 95904-95495
Host FAQs
Nothing! It’s free to list on Camp Monk. Though we have a rigorous selection process for listing the properties on our site.
Yes, we take a flat 15% commission from your gross booking earnings. 2% of it goes toward a payment processing fee that goes directly to our secure payment processor. Money you earn from Camp Monk can help you upkeep your property and pay off taxes, staff, conservation etc.

We also have a franchise program where we support our franchises with much deeper involvement. Please write to us at info@campmonk.com for more information.
Our community of campers are looking for unique camping experiences. Camp Monk welcomes many different kinds of listings on our site from cabins, homestays, dorms, treehouses, and primitive tent campgrounds or simply an open site for wild camping. It’s up to you where you want campers to sleep on your property. That can either be in their own tent, a structure or both! As long as campers have a spot to pitch a tent or a structure to spend the night you’re welcome to list on Camp Monk! Almost anyone can be a host! It’s free to sign up and list your land. The listings available on Camp Monk are as unique as our community of campers and hosts.
List your land You start by creating your listing. You can do that by visiting www.Campmonk.com and clicking on `Partner with Camp Monk`. You’ll fill out a description, upload photos, pick a price, and set your availability. This will enable us to determine if your property is a good fit for us. We will then follow up with you for a discussion and a site visit before your listing goes live.
How much money you can make depends on the number of camp spots you have, the number of days that you accept booking and the kind of infrastructure you have. E.g. booking for 8 weekend days a month for 5 campers each night at Rs 2000 per camper for one campsite is = 8 days X 5 campers X Rs. 2000 X 1 campsite = Rs. 80,000
A host will have chosen one of these six cancellation policies .

  • ​Super Flexible ​ - If you cancel anytime before your check in day and time, you’ll receive a full refund (minus service fees).
  • ​Flexible ​ - If you cancel at least 24 hours before your check in day and time, you’ll receive a full refund (minus service fees). If you cancel less than 24 hours before check in, there will be no refund .
  • Moderate ​ - If you cancel at least 3 days before your check in day and time, you’ll receive a full refund (minus service fees). If you cancel within the 3 days before check in, there will be no refund.
  • Strict ​ - If you cancel at least 1 week before your check in day and time, you’ll receive a full refund (minus service fees). If you cancel within the 1 week before check in, there will be no refund.
  • Super Strict ​ - If you cancel at least 1 week before your check in day and time, you’ll receive a 50% refund (minus service fees). If you cancel within 1 week before check in, there will be no refund.
  • Super Strict (30 days) ​ - If you cancel at least 30 days before your check in day and time, you’ll receive a 50% refund (minus service fees). If you cancel within 30 days before check in, there will be no refund.

  • The cancellation policy the host has selected will appear in the 'Details' section of their listing. You will also see it again, and be asked to agree to it, right before confirming your booking or booking request. The cancellation policy corresponds to the 'check in' time the host has selected. For example, if their 'check in after' time is 2pm and they have a Flexible Cancellation Policy, you will get a full refund if you cancel before 2pm the day before. If you cancel at 5pm the day before your check in, there will be no refund.
    Yes, we do not accept listings without clean and hygienic toilets.
    Camp Monk provides a weekly payout option automated through our bank, usually gets paid the following Monday after the transaction. Please note the monies may take 24 hours to be credited to your account.
    We ask that you comply with laws in your State, District, Taluka, Panchayat set forth in planning and local codes.
    We require you to provide drinking water to your guests.
    It’s up to you to determine whether providing a firepit and allowing campfires is suitable for your property. We suggest contacting your local fire department to get the most up to date rules and regulations.
    As part of Leave No Trace, our campers are required to pack out what they pack in. However, if you want to set up a trash receptacle, it may urge campers to Leave it Better than they found it.
    Creating multiple listings is helpful when you have more than one property.If you've got varied accommodation types like treehouses, tents, dorms etc it can be accommodated in the same listing.