List Your Land. Become a Camp Lord

Turn your land into a campsite, host nature friendly campers and earn additional revenue.

  • Karthik and Deepak

    Campsite Owner

    To camp by a bubbling brook on a grassy meadow, fry bacon and eggs on a wood fire, watch elephants tango by a lake, drift asleep to the sounds of the forest at night is what we love doing in our free time. Having spent a decade camping and overlanding, we decided to set up our campsite and share our love for the outdoors. Camp Monk shares our belief systems and we enjoy being a part of the Camp Monk community.

  • Ankur Dhawan

    Campsite Owner

    Ecoscape Devala just like Camp Monk envisages getting people outdoors, rather than being cloistered in cities. We at Ecoscape are passionate about creating a sustainable business that creates a balance between people and nature. I’ve spent many years in the consulting world after my MBA but the call of the wild was a lure that I couldn’t resist. I love what I do and I’m glad to partner with the Camp Monk team in getting people reconnected to nature.

  • Purnima and Ramesh

    Campsite Owner

    Our home is a forest; the forest is our home. We’ve been nurturing and living off our land for many decades, our passion for conservation and wildlife has led us to develop our property as a private nature reserve. We love sharing our land with respectful travellers, ecologically and socially conscious people. Camp Monk understands our needs and we are happy to partner with them, helping people get outside and delve into the lap of nature. Come join us and our eleven lovely dogs in a 300 acres private forest that we call our home.

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