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Our Journey

Great ways to bring learning to life.

The Camp Monk story began with a search, a google search to be more precise. We (Shashi and Amit) along with a few of our close friends envisaged to find a campsite for the weekend, hoping that it included some beer, fishing and some good times. Many hours of scouring the internet for a reasonably good campsite proved futile, why was it so hard to find a campsite in a country as vast and beautiful as India?

Piecing together information from friends and the internet we began camping on a regular basis, sometimes 4-5 times a month for over a period 5 years. Sleeping under the stars, waking up to the sounds of nature and life changing conversations around campfires made an indelible mark on us.Around one such campfire it dawned upon us that it was time to share they joys of camping with others, it was time to build a community of nature conscious campers and to provide them with access to pristine campsites all over India. We are currently based in Bangalore. Although we spend a lot of time on the road, scouting breathtaking campsites and building this passion project called Camp Monk.

When we are not on the road, scouting breathtaking campsites we are in Bangalore planning our next big adventure.


Amit Shetty

Professional Tent Pitcher, Co-founder

Shashi Kiran

Certified Firewood Collector, Co-founder

Rashmi Mittal

Chief Hustler

Kishore Amruth

Design Guru

Gowri om

Aunty Social

Shivi Kundra

Camp Champ

Tina Shetty

Todoist Guru

Aashish Ramamurthy

Hi-Five hustler

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