How To Build A Campsite On Your Land (India)

How To Build A Campsite On Your Land (India)

The outdoors is in and India is taking notice! More and more people are discovering the joy of spending time in nature and looking for unique accommodations to spend their weekends. If you have a farm, estate or waterfront land that you’d like to host holidaymakers at we have a few tips to get you

The outdoors is in and India is taking notice! More and more people are discovering the joy of spending time in nature and looking for unique accommodations to spend their weekends. If you have a farm, estate or waterfront land that you’d like to host holidaymakers at we have a few tips to get you started.

Is my land a good fit?

Campers Paradise - Kerekaadu

Campers look for spaces away from the hustle of the city amidst nature. Any land above 1 acre overlooking greenery, hills, a lake or vast expanses are usually preferred. If you have a waterfront property you’ve hit a gold mine. Your land should be away from the main road with reasonably good access for sedans but sometimes the best places are the ones with an offroad path.


Campsites can be of different types some are primitive and the others could be more on the glamping end of the scale. But the basic amenities that you should provide are electricity, water, clean restrooms, and a shaded area for people to lounge at during a hot afternoon or a rainy day. The more comfortable you make it the more chances are that you will be able to attract “on the fence” campers to visit your campsite.

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You could start off with purchasing some tents to provide your guest while they camp at your land however there is also a growing trend of BYOT (Bring your own tent). Ground tents can be purchased at decathlon or Coleman fairly easily these days. Equip your campsite with a few 3-man tents and a couple of family size tents so that it can suit a variety of campers. A cabin in the woods, a tiny home or a treehouse always piques the interest of the reluctant camper who is looking for a bit more comfort. Build a platform made of wood or stone to elevate from the ground so that it gives a feeling of safety. Though there’s a bunch of campers who love pitching their tents onto the ground to get some love from mother earth.

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The first question we get asked is about the loo situation. The better you design restrooms the easier you will be able to convince campers to give your land a chance. For an adventurous camper mother nature offers enough to answer natures call but most discerning customers will give it a miss. A well designed toilet doesn’t need to be expensive or hard to execute, here’s some inspiration from pinterest that will help you make a loo with a view. Do follow safe sanitation methods and ensure your compost pit or septic tank is at least 200 yards away from any natural water source.

Camping Amenities


You can engage your guests with a hike around your land to a nearby lake or hill. Show them the sunset or take them for a birding tour. If you have a farm you can take them on a tour or perhaps let teach them a few things about planting, harvesting or simply show them around. Most campers are happy to laze in a hammock and read a book but if you’ve encountered the adventurous kind then keep a list of things that they can do around your camp.


Any food cooked in the outdoors is so much better than food cooked indoors! Treat your guest to some local dishes that they won’t usually get to taste. A salad made from your garden or some locally sourced ingredients for a wholesome meal goes a long way in making it a memorable experience. Provide them a grill and some firewood so that they can DIY a BBQ. Whatever you choose to do, ensure that you communicate it clearly in your listing so that campers can prepare accordingly.

Barbeque & Camping

Safety and security

You are responsible for the safety of your guests so ensuring that their camping area is well lit, fenced, and has a caretaker on call at all times is an absolute necessity. Keep a first aid kit handy along with a list of nearby hospitals in case it’s needed. Clear communication on do’s and dont’s when the guests arrive at camp along with some tastefully designed signs will help too.


When you list your land on campmonk, we provide you with tools to engage the guests with even before they reach camp. Give them a call to help them with directions or advice on what to bring, obtain any preferences they may have or simply say hello. A great host will make any bad experience bearable with their cheerful disposition and smile. Be friendly to your guests, show them your wonderful land and give them space to unwind in nature. Sometimes things will not go according to plan – that’s when a host has the opportunity to become a superhost. As they say “Athithi Devo Bhava” go ahead, make your guests feel at home on your little piece of paradise.


Depending on the type of campground you’re creating you can choose from a list of different ways to register it. Start off by obtaining an NOC from your local panchayat, DC or Thasildar. Registering your camp as a tented accommodation or a caravan park is also recommended as per the guidelines of the Tourism Department. If you have any questions please connect with us here and we will point you in the right direction.

Get customers

Tiny Home - Ragihali

Start by reading some frequently asked questions here and then you can proceed to list your land here. is India’s foremost resource to help over 1 lac campers find beautiful private campgrounds across India. We help hosts generate income so that they can protect their lands and continue to keep India green. Some of our hosts earn upwards of Rs. 12 lacs per year, providing them a primary or secondary income that helps to maintain the property better.

If you need help with more information please feel free to write to us at or call us on 9590495495 and we will be happy to help you out. But sometimes the best way to find out what works is to visit some of our existing camps and get some inspiration.


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