The Best Pet-Friendly Campsites In India

The Best Pet-Friendly Campsites In India

The outdoors and dogs are made for each other. There are leaves to gambol in, creatures to sniff out, miles of land to explore, lakes to jump into and cuddle up next to a cosy campfire. Whisk your dog away for an awesome weekend getaway at a campsite close to you. We’re certain that your

The outdoors and dogs are made for each other. There are leaves to gambol in, creatures to sniff out, miles of land to explore, lakes to jump into and cuddle up next to a cosy campfire. Whisk your dog away for an awesome weekend getaway at a campsite close to you. We’re certain that your furball will love you more for it.

Here’s a list of the best pet-friendly campsites in India

1. Rocky hill camp , Tumkur –

A mere 2 hours drive from Bangalore with transport you this beautiful campsite, surrounded by temples and history near rocky hills called Devarayanadurga. This place is famous for trekking, wonderful climate and scenery. :Located at DRD means that you have access to some epic lakes, hikes and trails. We are located at the foot hills of this majestic view of DRD and offer a guided trek to the top of the hill which usually takes about 4 hours to return from. A shorter hike route is also available and is a nice way to soak in the sunset.

Rocky hill camp , Tumkur

2. Mango Lake Camp , Nachikuppam –

This campsite is a little piece of paradise merely 2 hours away from Bangalore city. Leave soon after breakfast and you will be here for lunch. With 60 acres of mango farms, the hills around, a lake and the woods, there’s seriously nothing else we suggest when you come over for an outdoors weekend. We’ll help you setup a campfire, start up a BBQ and chill out under the stars.

Mango Lake Camp

3. Forest Trail Camp , Kanakpura –

We are located next to the Kabbala forest in Kanakpura and If you lucky, apart from elephants, you may also spot leopards, porcupines, bear etc. This is as close to nature as you can imagine. We have maintained this campground as rustic as possible to give our campers the real feel of camping in the wilderness. We don’t have any luxuries at the camp but everything essential for a camp-out. If you are someone who likes to get away from town and unwind in the midst of nature then this is the place for you.

Forest Trail Camp , Kanakpura

4. Big Lake Campground , Sathanuru –

The first one in the series, this campsite located in a quaint lil’ town in Sathnur (66km from Bangalore) is on a farmland that fancies its backyard open to a lake a few acres away. The jamun, neem, jacaranda, cassia and a variety of ficus and fruiting trees super-abound and host myriad species of birds like the blue-faced malkohas, rufous treepies, honey buzzards, barbets and sunbirds. We have critters of all kinds, and we love them all.

Big Lake Campground , Sathanuru

5. Woodland Camp , Coorg –

Located in remote country side of South Coorg ,this nature camp is nestled at the foothills of the Brahmagiri range. The campground is an open grassy meadow with sweeping views of the horizon. The camp is located amidst 50 acres of private property and constructed with locally sourced materials. We can accommodate up to 25 people suitable for family and friends.We have a large dining area where we serve the authentic Kodava Cuisine and a chill zone for some evening bonfire and traditional barbecuing. There is also local temple, private lake and river adjacent to the campsite.

Woodland Camp , Coorg

6. Camp Karnala , Raigad , Maharashtra –

Karnala campground is located 1.5 hrs from Mumbai, in close proximity to Karnala fort & Karnala bird sanctuary. This campground is surrounded by endless palm trees & greenery. There’s a private waterfall flowing within the premises, it lasts for about 3 months during monsoon season. It as one of our most kid friendly locations. There are water sprinklers on the lawn, both kids & adults can enjoy. There are hammocks for our campers to relax & spend their lazy evenings stargazing. Pottery making sessions can be conducted for kids at an additional cost.

Camp Karnala , Raigad , Maharashtra

7. Poondi Valley Farm Stay , Kodaikanal –

A unique tour/stay at a temperate farm situated 39 km away from Kodaikanal at an altitude of nearly 2000m (7000ft) ABSL. Bordering Kerala (towards Munnar and 3 wildlife sanctuaries), the drive from Kodaikanal (1.25 hours) takes you through one of the most breathtaking and scenic views of south India including lakes, terrace cultivation, mountain villages and lush forest where one can sight Bison (gaur), Barking deer, giant squirrels, etc (depending on your luck), a host of beautiful birds like the laughing thrush, white eye, and Bersa serpent eagle (to name a few).

Poondi Valley Farm Stay , Kodaikanal

8. Forest Campground Tala , Raigad , Maharashtra –

Camping doesn’t have to be all about roughing it. Our campground is fitted at the highest point on our property and is spread over 2.5 acres. When it comes to camping with us we have the upper hand in having a beautiful location you can wake up to. Right from sleeping in fairy lit tents, having meals made with fresh produce grown at our farm, enjoying music and BBQ to watching movie under the stars cuddled up with your loved one or just in your sleeping bag.

Forest Campground Tala , Raigad

9. Parvathi River Campground , Kasol –

The Parvati Valley in Kasol is one of the most scenic places in Himachal Pradesh. Before you step in the aura of the Parvati Valley, it is difficult to presume that tranquility and peace can waft through the air. Well, the Parvati Valley is the perfect brew to calm an agitated soul. There are many nature related adventure activities here, like Trekking, Fishing, and Bonfires as well. You can also visit local villages for a real experience of Himachal’s culture and way of living the cottage, camps and cafe are well maintained and provide a secure camping experience.

Parvathi River Campground , Kasol

If you would like to explore more pet-friendly camps, head on to and choose “Pets allowed” under the filter options for a full list of campsites around you.

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